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These digital branding workbooks will assist you through each business branding milestone while incorporating industry standards and common procedures. These workbooks can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. You can also share these workbooks with anyone you think can utilize this information the most; teammates, family, friends and future entrepreneurs. "Boss Up" and start branding like a boss.

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plan & develop your business through a successful brand building process. "Boss Up!"

Business Starter-kit

Step #1: This workbook helps you find business treasures and makes you research and think carefully about each phase of branding your business.

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Logo Design Plans

Step #2: This workbook is developed to educate and inspire your start-up business logo development or re-branding process.

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Business Branding

Step #3: Branding a company just became more realistic, once you have planned and mapped out your branding phases with this workbook.

Website Development

Step #4: Be able to organize and define your website functions and ideas with this workbook.

Social Media Strategy

Step #5: At this level of business, there needs to be a connection made with your audience through your social media. Use this workbook to plan your social media strategy.

Graphic Design & Print

Step #6: Understand the mind of a designer before they start a project for your business. Use this workbook to educate yourself on common business practices and procedures.

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